Institute of Total Education
Teaching and Leading from the Heart and Soul

List of Consultancy Services

The Institute of Total Education takes a unique perspective with its consultancy services. We view issues in a holistic manner, taking into account the context of the organisation, the individuality of the people involved and the values which drive the organisation. This way any ideas we suggest will be applicable to the particular circumstances of your school and can implemented by your personnel in a way that is in harmony with the overall mission of the institution.

Teacher Support and Growth

Teachers have the core role in the delivery of your educational programs. More and more is being expected of teachers without their necessarily being given the wherewithal to meet those expectations. The Institute can advise on the appropriate care and well-being of your teaching staff so that they are able to give their best to the students — building their capacity to manage their own energy, discovering new approaches to discipline, broadening their perspective on their role and developing an informed understanding of the social-emotional aspects of their students growth. Attention to these factors will help your teachers meet the needs of their students.

We can conduct seminars for your teachers.

We can advise you on a whole-school approach to teacher well-being.

We can provide original stimulus material to accompany professional development in any of these areas.

Key areas covered:

  • Teacher Well-being
  • Character Development
  • Creative Discipline
  • Values Education
  • Story Telling/Music/Drama
  • Peace Education

Student Well-Being

Student well-being is a new area for many schools to understand and manage. The Institute approaches this with a holistic perspective gained through the operation of The School of Total Education. We have over 30 years experience in this important area, with techniques and methodologies that work. We can help in those cases when the packaged approach does not really suit a particular school environment.

We can help you develop a whole school approach to student well-being.

We can conduct train-the-trainer programs in stillness education.

We can broaden your teachers’ focus to understand their role in students’ character development or social and emotional health.

We can help you develop programs to promote students’ concentration.

Key areas covered:

  • Mental Health and young people
  • Stillness Education
  • Social and Emotional Education
  • Character Development
  • Children’s Concentration

Parent Education

After conducting weekly in-school Parent Programs for over 30 years we have a unique experience in Australia to share with your school community. Your parent can be the main source of strength or your greatest weakness in achieving your educational objectives with students. It is important to build a harmonious relationship and shared philosophy with parents for the positive social and emotional development of your students.

We can help you conduct parents’ seminars with quality guest speakers.

We can provide material for school newsletters.

We can help you build your own Parents Program.

We can provide quality publications that will help support children’s social and emotional health.

Key areas covered:

  • Parenting
  • Creative Discipline
  • Character Development
  • Values Education
  • Peace Education

School Administration Support

Schools are increasingly required to respond to external administrative and bureaucratic imperatives. These requirements can create stress amongst senior staff and administrative personnel.

We can facilitate meetings of your leadership team or governing body.

We can tailor solutions to the particular circumstances of your school.

We can facilitate solutions based on your school’s values and educational philosophy.

Leadership Education

The Principal or School Leader plays the central role in the achievement of your school’s aims. However, School Leaders often find themselves in this role without any systematic or coherent preparation for it. As the expectations on schools accelerate, so too the demands on the School’s leaders escalate and the pressures are challenging to manage. The Institute takes a human rather than corporate approach to supporting educational leaders and assisting them to both enjoy their role and fulfil the needs of their situation.

We can work with your leadership team to find solutions for your school.

We can provide on-demand advice and coaching for your Principal and Chairperson.

We can provide inspirational materials to support your most precious resource, the well being of your key educational leaders.

We can assist with leadership transitions to facilitate important changes in leadership.

Key areas covered:

  • Leadership Transitions
  • Coaching Principals and Leadership Teams
  • Leadership Well Being