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Helping Children with Anxiety

Parents, teachers, education consultants and therapists have all told us that anxiety seems to be an increasing problem with children. Drawing on more than thirty years experience in education and psychology, we have developed seminars for teachers to understand what they can usefully do in the classroom to assist the anxious child, and for parents to confidently help their children reduce their fears.

Seminar for Teachers

Teachers occupy a special role in the lives of children, that extends far beyond the imparting of academic and technical skills. They are important attachment figures and role models. What are the key qualities that allow a teacher to be effective in this role? How are these qualities developed? 

Seminar for Parents

There are many, many things that parents can do to reduce the likelihood that their child will develop anxiety, and to help them if they do. Our facilitators for this seminar work with parents and children in therapy and have written Helping Children Relax especially to address this growing need.