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Our Team

Jan Gudkovs convenor

Jan Gudkovs portrait

Jan is a counselling psychologist working at the Centre for Healthy Living in Warwick, Queensland. She has been involved in the School of Total Education since its inception in various roles — as a parent, a group leader and as a Member and Chair of the School Governing Council. Jan sees that holistic education which develops students physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually holds the key to a more peaceful and just society. As a psychologist she has a particular interest in fostering the emotional growth of children, parents and teachers.

Mark Cary course leader

Mark Cary portrait

Mark has deep experience in working as a counsellor with individuals, couples and families. He has run courses on stress and anger management as well as healthy living programs, and has worked with both students and teachers to improve their well-being.

Richard Waters consultant

Richard Waters

Richard’s passion for the future of education in Australia is to see a community of teachers and educational leaders who are focused on an integrated view of education. Richard believes education should be aimed at nurturing compassionate, creative and competent young people who see their role as contributing to society in a positive way through their work and personal life.

Richard’s particular educational interests are in student, teacher and school leader well-being and in holistic approaches in education, parent involvement, educational leadership and teacher development. Richard has spent much of his working life as a teaching principal implementing the innovative educational philosophy of Total Education.

Richard Waters was educated at Melbourne High School and Monash University in Victoria, specializing in History, Politics and Economics (B.A.), and where he also undertook his Education studies (Dip. Ed.). Richard completed his Masters of Education (Leadership) at the University of Queensland and was recognized by The Australian Council of Education, Queensland in their Leadership Award for Post-Graduate Research in Educational Administration in 2005. His research project investigated the issue of Ethical Dilemmas with Educational Leaders and Leadership Consultants.

“Richard has the teaching-learning bug and is stuck with it, it would seem. It’s part of his DNA. He knows what he is talking about and he knows how to put ‘learnacy’ into action. I truly admire what he has done during his professional life and am sure that he will always help others with their development for a long, long time.”

Phil Cullen AM, Former Director of Primary Education, Queensland

“Drawing on your experience as the Principal at The School of Total Education, you were able to share with the students and myself your wealth of knowledge on the context, vision and strategic planning of your school. Throughout this interview I continued to be inspired and impressed by the exemplary best practice that your school supported and how they aligned not only with best practice learning and teaching, but also with what contemporary theory and research was telling us.”

Alice Brown, Lecturer in Education, University of Southern Queensland

“Richard’s contribution to our forum on school governance for the New Principals program was thoughtful and insightful and reflected his years of experience in the area. He is clearly an expert in community involvement in schools, working with parents and working constructively with school boards. Feedback indicated participants were inspired and informed by Richard’s confident presentation. I will certainly use him again.”

Robyn Collins, Principal Consultant, Centre for Educational Leadership and Innovation